Photo: Johanna Vaurio
Dr Svein Bakke

Dr Svein Bakke


Svein Bakke was born and raised in Halden, a small town south east in Norway and he attended veterinary colleges in West-Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin) and Oslo (Norges Veterinærhøgskole). After graduation he worked in several equine hospitals in the Oslo area before going back to college to do his PhD in chronic respiratory diseases in horses in 1991. He passed the national board certified specialist exam (CertES) and has been a MRCVS (UK) for some years. His week consists of ambulatory practice with lots of airway cases, working as racetrack vet at Bjerke Travbane and a day of consultative work for lawyers in equine cases. He is also a part owner of a small clinic in Turks & Caicos and spends some time there in very rural surroundings as you can see on the picture.When he is not working as a vet he trains and competes in cross country biking and plays the flugelhorn.

Dr Lee Clark


Lee is a Chartered Physiotherapist, State Registered Physiotherapist, a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), a Category A member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT), and is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) and is a FEI approved Therapist. Lee has been treating horses and riders for over 20 years and currently own and manage a ‘Rider Performance Clinic’ in the UK. For 12 years Lee also owned and managed ‘The Equine Physiotherapy Clinic' which specialized in the treatment of Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic conditions, providing a full range of services:sessions for musculoskeletal pain,long-term rehabilitation of tendon/ligament injuries, and management of post-operative cases.  

From 2010-2018 Lee was the GBR Endurance Team Physiotherapist. Lee has supported squads at numerous Championships including WEG 2014 & 2018 and he was part of the team that provided Physiotherapy services at the London Olympic Games.

Dr Stefan M. Cokelaere


Stefan M. Cokelaere graduated as a veterinarian from Ghent University in 2001. After doing equine internship, he completed a residency in equine surgery in Ghent University and became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2007. He worked as associate professor in Utrecht University, Netherlands, until 2018 during which time he also defended his PhD. The topic was surgical repair of the cartilage defects, regenerative medicine and controlled intra-articular drug release. His main interests in clinical work are surgery, orthopedics and rehabilitation. In 2010 he graduated as a chiropractic and in 2016 he became a Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and  Rehabilitation. He has been trained in the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) 2018-2021 and he currently works at the Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre in the Netherlands.

Nathalie Crevier-Denoix

Dr Nathalie Crevier-Denoix


Nathalie Crevier-Denoix graduated from the Veterinary School of Alfort (France) in 1989. Agrégée in Veterinary Anatomy in 1993, she defended a PhD thesis in Biomechanics in 1996. She became a Professor of Anatomy in 1999, and since 2003 she was also the head of a research unit devoted to Biomechanics and equine locomotor pathology in Alfort. After a Veterinary Doctorate on the radiographic images of the limbs in the foal, her research activities were first focused on equine tendon biomechanics. Her main achievement in this field is the development of a non-invasive device for in vivo tendon force measurement (Tensonics, patented). Since 2006, her main research activities are focused on the biomechanical effects of equestrian surfaces. In 2016 she became diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (ACVSMR), and in 2019, de facto diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (equine). Since 2019, she is principal investigator of a research program on the rehabilitation of superficial digital flexor tendinopathy in racehorses.

She has published 51 peer-reviewed articles, and presented 88 invited lectures and about 100 short communications in international and national conferences.

Dr Katja Hautala

Dr Katja Hautala

DVM Veterinary Specialist in Infectious Animal Diseases

Katja Hautala graduated from the University of Helsinki as a veterinarian (1997) and has a specialist degree on infectious animal diseases from the same University (2013). She is currently finishing her PhD on equine parasitology. Her research is focusing on equine round worm Parascaris spp. and equine tapeworm A. perfoliata. Hautala has wide working experience in veterinary field. Before starting her doctoral studies she worked for the Finnish Trotting and Breeding Association as a chief veterinary officer for over ten years. She has also worked for the pharmaceutical industry and done both small and large animal practice. Hautala has experience in development work in UN agencies (IFAD and FAO) by providing technical assistance in projects involving livestock. For the last ten years Hautala has worked also as a part time private equine practitioner concentrating on preventive health care in horse farms.  Katja Hautala has been a Finnish representative for FEEVA Disease Surveillance Network starting from 2013.

Dr Rosanne Jepson


Dr Rosanne Jepson graduated from the University of Bristol (UK) in 2003, undertaking a rotating internship, PhD and residency programme at the Royal Veterinary College (London, UK). Dr Jepson has achieved ACVIM, ECVIM and RCVS board specialist status and continues to work as Associate Professor in Small Animal Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College in a combined clinical and research role. Dr Jepson was awarded the International Renal Interest Society prize for her contribution to research associated with kidney disease in cats in 2011 had has continued to pursue, both as principal investigator and as supervisor of post-graduate doctoral students, research in the fields of feline chronic kidney disease, hypertension, and urinary tract disease. Dr Jepson’s clinical and research interests expand into the associated fields of acute kidney injury, where she is co-director of the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals renal replacement unit, GFR measurement where she is part of the team offering GFR measurement and interpretation, and also into the field of minimally invasive urological procedures. Dr Jepson has been invited to speak both nationally and internationally at general practitioner and specialist level. She participates in both undergraduate and post-graduate university education being responsible for the urinary tract education of undergraduate students enrolled in the Batchelor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the Royal Veterinary College, as well as mentoring the clinical and research requirements of post-graduate senior clinical training scholars (small animal internal medicine) and being responsible for the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice internal medicine modules for graduate veterinary surgeons working towards this advanced qualification.

Suvi Kalanen

DVM, MANZCVS (Feline medicine)

Suvi Kalanen graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2008. In 2009 she completed a rotating small animal medicine intership in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Small Animal Hospital, University of Helsinki. After the internship Suvi started her specialization to internal medicine and worked as a hospital veterinarian in the Internal Medicine Hospital Ward. She focused on feline medicine and oncology. During her years in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital she founded a Feline Blood Bank – second of it’s kind in Europe – and ran the blood bank and the oncology ward until 2016. Suvi passed ANZCVS examinations in the dicipline Medicine of Cats the same year.

Suvi is an internist and Clinical Director in Eläinlääkäriasema Villimys (Veterinary Clinic Villimys). She is a member (internal medicine and oncology) of Evidensia’s Clinical Board. Clinical work is her passion, but she also loves to teach. She lectures at home and abroad to colleagues, soon-to-be colleagues, veterinary nurses and pharmacy professionals.

Maria Kareskoski

Dr Maria Kareskoski


Maria Kareskoski is a Diplomate of the European College of Animal Reproduction since 2011. Her PhD thesis (2011) work focused on artificial insemination in horses and she is currently working as a clinical instructor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Helsinki. She graduated from that same University in 2003, and she has been working within the field of equine reproduction since 2004. In 2016, Kareskoski was elected onto the committee for the International Symposium of Stallion Reproduction (ISSR), and she has served a few years on the review panel of The Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research. Kareskoski has also served as chair of the education committee of the Finnish Veterinary Association, and she is a board member of Ypäjä Equine Hospital in Ypäjä, Finland.

Leena Karma

Dr Leena Karma


Leena Karma graduated as a veterinarian from the Estonian Agricultural University 1999 and from the University of Helsinki, Finland 2003.  She is a managing director and a primary veterinarian in a private equine dental clinic in southern Finland that provides advanced equine dentistry and referral services since 2010. She also lectures and teaches at the University of Helsinki and continuously provides equine dentistry courses for veterinarians. She is also a regular speaker at the annual congress of Nordic College of Equine Dentistry.  In 2020 she started the European specializing program to become a Diplomate in Equine Dentistry. Leena has a particular interest and experience in minimally invasive, restorative, and preservative therapies. She has endless curiosity and passion to learn more about new techniques in equine dentistry.

Mikko Lilja

Mikko Lilja

MSc, Coaching Director and Senior Performance Coach

Mikko Lilja has a Masters Degree in Sports Sciences and he is working as a coaching director and senior performance coach for Hintsa Performance. He has worked as a coach for 10 years, starting his career with athletes. Having competed on national level in volleyball himself, Mikko coached clients across individual and team sports, from volleyball to cross-country skiing.

Since 2013 Mikko has worked with a broad corporate clientele - from entrepreneurs to architects to consultants – he has a special skill to relate to and work with anyone. Having been a manager himself since 2013, Mikko often finds himself working with executive teams and senior leaders.

Mikko is also a sought-after speaker and performer, having perfected his skills on his musical career. His expertise and topics include holistic wellbeing, the science and practice of change, and mental energy.

Mikko’s coaching philosophy is based on three pillars: trust, caring, and challenging. He values actions above words, and commits to the success of his clients 100 %.

Dr Timothy Mair

Dr Timothy Mair


Timothy Mair works as senior veterinary surgeon at Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic and as Equine Veterinary Director at CVS Ltd. He defended his PhD in 1996, the topic being respiratory immunology and hypersensitivity in the horse. Timothy became a Diplomate of the European College of Equine internal Medicine in 2002 and, additionally, he holds RCVS Diplomas in Equine Internal Medicine and Soft Tissue Surgery. Since 2011 he has been an associate member of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) awarded him a Fellowship in 2016 for meritorious contributions to knowledge. Timothy has reviewed scientific papers for multiple veterinary journals and works as editor for the Equine Veterinary Education. He has contributed to the veterinary literature by publishing over 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers, given a vast number of scientific presentations in international meetings and contributed to several veterinary book chapters. Besides supervising postgraduate students and residents, he has wide experience in organizing veterinary continuing education. In his spare time Timothy enjoys spending time with the family, fell walking and studying veterinary history.

Professor Eliane Marti

Professor Eliane Marti


Professor Dr. Eliane Marti graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1989 from the University of Bern and completed a Research Doctorate on the genetic predisposition of equine allergic diseases at the Division of Immunogenetics of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bern in 1991. After a stay at the Baker Institute, Cornell University, USA, and after working in a large animal practice, she went back to the Division of Immunogenetics for Postdoctoral research from 1992 to 1994. In 1995 she worked on equine genetics at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, England, with a Post-doctoral Research grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation.  Between 1996 and 1998 she had a Postdoctoral research position at the Division of Immunogenetics, University of Bern, where she stayed until 2001 with a grant of the Hans-Sigrist Foundation of the University of Bern for completion of habilitation. In 2002 she got the venia docendi in Veterinary Immunology from the University of Bern. Since 2002 she is the Head of the Clinical Immunology Group, Department of Clinical Research-Veterinary Public Health, at the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Bern, and since 2009 an Associate Professor. Her present research focuses on the immunopathogenesis of allergic diseases of horses, in particular of equine insect bite hypersensitivity and on ways to improve in vitro diagnosis and treatment of these diseases as well as development of a preventive allergen immunotherapy for Icelandic horses. She has written over 100 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and tutored over 25 doctoral thesis and PhDs.

Tina H Pihl

Dr Tina Pihl


Tina Pihl graduated  from Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (Copenhagen, DK) in 2002. She completed PhD thesis ”Acute phase proteins as diagnostic markers in horses with acute abdominal pain” in 2012. Currently she works as an Associate professor in Large Animal Internal Medicine Medicine & Surgery, Dep. of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), DK. Her research has focused on acute abdominal disease in horses and the use of various biomarkers and their possible use as diagnostic and prognostic markers. Tina has done numerous publications and poster presentations.  She is also the writer of a few book chapters. Her research has focused on acute abdominal disease in horses and the use of various biomarkers, and their possible use as diagnostic and prognostic markers.

Professor Scott Pirie

BVM&S, PhD, Cert EP, Cert EM (Int Med), DipECEIM, FRAgS, MRCVS

Professor Pirie is a 1989 Edinburgh graduate and returned to the “Dick Vet” in 1991, where he has remained since as part of the Equine Internal Medicine team. His clinical and research interests largely focus on pulmonology (PhD 2002), gastroenterology and grass sickness (research sabbatical 2002-2005). He is a Diplomate of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine (2004), an ex-member of BEVA council, a member of the EVJ Editorial Consultant Board, Past President of the Veterinary and Comparative Respiratory Society and ex-Chair of the Examination Committee of the ECEIM. Scott’s current position is Chair of Equine Clinical Sciences and School Dean of Students.

Eva Tyden

Dr Eva Tydén


Eva Tydén is an associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, where she works as a researcher and teacher at the Department of Veterinary Public Health. Eva teaches veterinary students during the pre-clinical years in pharmacology and equine parasitology. Her PhD thesis in (2009) focused on mapping drug metabolizing enzymes and drug efflux pumps in the intestine, liver and kidney in horses. Today her research focuses on understanding molecular mechanisms of anthelmintic resistance and providing solutions for equine parasite control. Eva’s background in molecular biology and a PhD in pharmacology allows her to try to find markers for resistance to be applied in equine parasitology. Her research efforts have concentrated on the following topics: 1) Understanding anthelmintic resistance in the equine roundworm 2) Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of anthelmintic drugs 3) Studying epidemiology of equine strongyle parasites, and 4) Alternative methods to drugs to control parasite infection in the field.